Timeline 2011


Grant decision in the Green Belt and the Civil Advocacy grant programs announced.

You can read more about the supported projects in our grant database


the Hungarian Society of Ecotoxicology was founded

On the 11th of March, in the office of HEPF the Hungarian Society of Ecotoxicology was founded. The members of the new organization help develop the content of the website.


Hungarian NGOs in Norway

13 selected NGOs’ representatives supported from the EEA/Norwegian NGO Fund participated in a study tour to Norway. The group had the chance to meet with Norwegian NGOs, build relationships and present what they have achieved with the support of Norwegian taxpayers money.
Magyar Civilek Norvégiában


3 years of the EEA/Norwegian NGO Fund

publication about the results After closing the EEA/Norwegian NGO Fund results were evaluated from several aspects, and summarized in a colorful book. The publication presents a qualitative sociological survey of the proposals, an evaluation based on the feedbacks of applicants and the description of 21 successful projects.
A Norvég Civil Alap 3 éve - záró kiadvány

Fresh release: " Who is worthy of public trust?" - Study about the reform of the public benefit system

Based on a survey and analysis of existing legislation the study makes recommendations for a well-working, meaningful public benefit system in Hungary. The booklet begins with defining the concept of “public” and the aim of “public benefit”. The publication fortunately coincided with previously announced governmental plans about the revision of NGO legislation. The study was created within the framework of the Civil Partner Program in partnership with the European Center for Non-profit Law (ECNL).
Ki érdemes a köz bizalmára?


Launch of the Green Belt Program 2011

Zöldövezet 2011.The new call for proposals in the Green Belt program was opened again for small communities to create and develop green spaces with community functions in their neighborhood.


HEPF position paper on the draft of the new nonprofit Law

The government released the draft bill about the operation and governmental support of civil organizations for public consultation at the end of June. HEPF opinion and suggestions was made available at civiljogok.hu, the portal of Civil Partner Program.


Green Belt 2011 grant decision

In the first round of the Green Belt Program 47 projects were shortlisted by the Grants Committee. These applicants were invited to a “placemaking” training to learn more about community planning and green spaces before they elaborate their project and submit the full proposal.


Civil advocacy and community development grant opens

With the support of Trust for Civil Society in CEE this grant was announced to strengthen the lobbying, advocacy and community participation capacities of NGOs.


How to turn a place around? – second edition of Green Belt handbook released

Through local and American examples the Green Belt handbook gives advice about how to improve public places, and efficiently contributes to a more participatory and successful public place development. Besides methodological guidance and tips, the book features case studies from the Green Belt program, too, some of the best development projects are introduced on its pages.
Hogyan varázsoljunk újjá egy közteret?


Tree of the Year 2011 results and award event

Out of the 92 nominees of the second Tree of the Year contest, 12 were selected by the jury in August. In autumn the fans of these trees could vote for their favorite online. The trees received 9871 votes altogether of which the winner linden tree from Felsőmocsolád got 2990 ones. The Hero Award was given to another linden in Ötvöskónyi.
Év Fája 2011 díjátadó


Greenbelt Grant Program receives award

The Hungarian Donors Forum awards grant givers of Hungary in several categories. This year MOL won the „Greatest Impact” award with the Green Belt program. Ágnes Kelenvölgyi sponsorship leader of MOL emphasized the role of HEPF in the six years old program’s success.
Díjat kapott a Zöldövezet program

The European Tree of the Year contest launched. The winner of the Hungarian contest, a plane tree from Letenye is one of the 5 entrants.
Elkezdődött az Európai év fája verseny

Tree of the Year in the Budapest Zoo

This time we announced the Tree of the Year contest during the Earth Festival in the Budapest Zoo. This year a new category was introduced in the contest, the "Hero Tree", to which people could nominate trees whose life or their natural environment was or is in danger. Besides learning about the contest, the visitors could play with the memory cards of last years’ nominated trees.

Iron Curtain Study Tour

Together with the Greenways Methodology Association 2 greenway activists (and 2 kids representing future generations) took part at a study trip to learn about eco-tourism best practices along the "Iron Curtain Route" and to help promote them. As the region along the former Iron Curtain preserved its natural and cultural values almost intact, it is an ideal destination for eco-tourism, so the countries involved map and designate the route together.
Vasfüggöny Tanút

European Tree of the Year Award Ceremony

Environmental Partnership Association awarded the winners of the European Tree of the Year contest during the Green Week in Brussels, at the headquarters of IUCN. The first prize was given to a lime from Leliceni The Hungarian tree, an old plane, nominated by the Association for Letenye won third prize at the contest. With this program we aim to bring the complex issue of biodiversity closer to the people, what was especially timely in 2011 as it was declared the International Year of Forests by the UN.
Európai Év Fája díjátadó

Kockazatos.hu (risky.hu) portal launched: popular yet accurate info-portal about chemicals

HEPF coordinated the creation of this website with the aim to provide accurate and authoritative information in plain language about hazardous (or so believed) chemicals occurring in our everyday environment (construction materials, furniture, clothing, technical articles, and food). The centerpiece of the portal is a database, which collects and presents information about the most commonly occurring materials in a question-and-answer format.
ELindult a kockazatos.hu

EPA Director’s meeting

The directors of Environmental Partnership Association member organizations had their annual meeting at Budapest on the 17th of August.

EuroVelo conference on Carfree Day

EuroVelo,the European Cycle Route Network consists of 13 long-distance routes. Currently Hungary has two partially built and fully signposted EuroVelo routes: the Eurovelo 6 that goes along the Danube and the Eurovelo 11 which enters the country on the north and follows the line of the Tisza river. The third Eurovelo route that is being planned and designated now will be the „Iron Curtain” Greenway with the contribution of HEPF’s Greenway Program.
EuroVelo konferencia az Autómentes Napon

Hegykő international workshop, Iron Curtain Trail, Eurovelo13

At the shores of the Fertő-Lake next to the cycle route the cozy „Hegykő Tornácos” hotel hosted the third workshop of the ICT project at the end of October (Iron Curtain Road Tour - Eurovelo13). 10 organizations from 5 country cooperate in this project to create the 13th Euro Velo route along the former Iron Curtain.
Eurovelo térkép

The Parliament passed the new nonprofit law

On the 5th of December the Parliament passed the new law that regulates the right of association, the public benefit status and the operation and funding of civil organizations. In cooperation with other NGOs HEPF actively participated in the legislative process from the beginning with ideas and constructive proposals helping the legislature and also tabling the interests of the civil sector.
With this legislation the government made steps towards long awaited solutions to several problems of the civil sector, all these formulated and collected in the “Civil Vision” by HEPF and its partners. However, in other areas it created controversial rules, especially concerning the public benefit status and the state funding of NGOs.

Decision about the Civil advocacy and community development grants

The Grants Committee selected 24 applications for support with a total 11,5 million HUF (about 40.000 EUR)