Grants Database

Code Grantees name Project name Settlement Amount
Grant program Association for the Residential Park of the Páty-Zsámbék Bend Village meeting in Páty - SOS grant Páty 355 EUR
The persistent scandals in the village's public life - and especially the case of the golf course - have highlightened the problems in connection with the leadership of the settlement among which the most important ones are the lack of a long-term vision and ignoring the community’s will. The conflicts rising from this situation have reached a point where different interest groups communicate with each other via legal denunciations. As a result of these conflicts, civil groups have begun to learn and apply advocacy tools more efficiently. This situation has created a good opportunity to launch a democratic process and build up its structure. Ökotárs supported the starting event of this process, a village meeting.
Grant program Hungarian Environmental Education Association Refundable support Budapest 14 190 EUR
Pre-financing the Carbon Detectives project
Grant program Environmental Culture Association of Esztergom Refundable support Esztergom 28 381 EUR
Secondary products as energy resources
Grant program CSEMETE Environment Protection and Nature Conservation Association Supporting the participation of representatives of cross-border environmental organizations and those with low budget at the 20th National Meeting of Environmental Organizations Szeged 1 774 EUR
Financing the travelling costs of cross-border environmental organizations and those with low budget to the 20th National Meeting of Environmental Organizations
Grant program Csalán Environment Protection and Nature Conservation Association SOS grant - participation in the disaster management processes of the red sludge flow in Veszprém county Veszprém 887 EUR
After a thorough orientation, the staff and volunteers of Csalán have revealed that they could help the red mud disaster relief works best by purchasing protective equipments. With the contribution of Ökotárs, they managed to purchase protective and cleaning equipment that are worth 755 000 HUF.
Grant program Reflex Environmental Association SOS grant - participation in the red mud disaster relief works in Veszprém county Győr 887 EUR
Reflex Association received support to buy protective equipment for its disaster relief work.
Civil Partner Program Reflex Environmental Association Helping the civil advocacy by applying the Aarhus Convention more efficiently Győr 4 399 EUR
The primal focus of the supported program is the reduction of the implementation deficit of Aarhus Convention that came into force in Hungary 10 years ago. The issues that happened so far indicate that civil organizations must be brought into the right position and the data handling, law enforcement bodies must be forced to take steps. The 9 activities and 2 electronic guides elaborated in the project focus on the second column of the Convention (to strengthen public participation in decision making) and on empowering participation.
Civil Partner Program Roaming Public Benefit Association Continiuous operation of Civil Roundtables in Végegyháza Végegyháza 674 EUR
The Roaming Association has been granted for the continuous operation of the Civil Roundtable of Végegyháza and for the implementation of their programs. The Roundtable has been serving as a forum for cooperation and conciliation of interests in the village since 2009. NGOs of the village, self-organizing communities and institutions are also involved.
Civil Partner Program Tabulapláza Foundation Advocacy for city residents - decision preparation differently Nyíregyháza 2 483 EUR
"Understanding starts with cognition", and implementation starts with the recognition of common interests. Tabupláza Foundation aims to harmonize the will of local citizens and city leaders with the help of a public community communication method called "Living Newspaper". The 6 part series of events supported local advocacy processes, partner cooperation among the local government bodies, political parties, civil organizations and the residents of the city.
Civil Partner Program Hungarian Traffic Club Helping the enforcement of local advocacy to set the Kál-Kápolna-Kisternye railways into operation again Budapest 1 419 EUR
The traffic on Kál-Kápolna-Kisterenye railway line has been suspended since March 4, 2007 even though this line had one of the biggest opportunities and passenger numbers among those closed down on that date. 15 settlements and their 4,500 inhabitants protested in vain against the closure but the railway line did not get on the list of those being reopened in 2010. The region asked the Hungarian Traffic Club for help and their demand for line reopening was underpinned by an analysis worth of a feasibility study. The Hungarian Traffic Club was granted for strengthening the advocacy of the local lobby group and for the formation of petitions, meetings and forums.
Civil Partner Program Trinitas Valley Foundation Community development with the involvement of children and youth age groups Vokány 710 EUR
The organization in Vokány received a grant to publish further issues of the "Trinitas Valley Hírmondó" newspaper and to organize a journalism day camp for children.
Living Tisza Alliance for the Living Tisza Association Development of the Tisza trademark system - for the sustainable management of the Tisza floodplain Nagykörű 3 370 EUR
Development of the Tisza trademark system - for the sustainable management of the Tisza floodplain
Green Belt Wekerle Social Club Association Selective garbage collection is in the crosshairs Budapest 1 596 EUR
Within the scope of this project, the Wekerle Social Club Association aims to make the space livable for the community and turn it into an integral part of community life. In the planning, the demand of the nearby residents and educational institutions, and also the historic monument status of the area had to be taken into consideration.
Green Belt Views for Zsíroshegy Association Greenbelt Program 2009 Nagykovácsi 1 064 EUR
The Association refurbished a playground and its surroundings. With the help of local residents and the school community they made the weedy-bumpy area tidy and green without transporting the soil away. The thus created little humps will be great for sledgers and bikers. The potting soil and hayseed was enough to create 1500 sqm sound and green area.
Green Belt Association of the Civil Roundtable in Nagykanizsa Community rehabilitation of Papp Simon promenade at the MAORT area in Nagykanizsa Nagykanizsa 1 951 EUR
The aim of this project was to rehabilitate the Papp Simon promenade as well as its surrounding, the Sétakert garden, at the MAORT area of Nagykanizsa by using environmentally friendly methods. For this aim to be achieved, several actions on environment protection and enhancement were organized in the area.
Green Belt Foundation for Sándor Petőfi Primary School Extension of the sport yard of the Eco-school in Gödöllő and the creation of resting-places for community benefit Gödöllő 1 774 EUR

The school continued its own community-building tradition when opened the schools’ sport and interior courtyards for the community. With the help of the Greenbelt program, these areas has been further beautified by planting crops and with the development of leisure areas. The hardest part of the work was to break the ground and exchange of the ground that was followed by planting.
Green Belt Association of Large Families in Pusztaszer For an even greener Pusztaszer Pusztaszer 1 064 EUR
With the involvement of the local school, kindergarten and local government, the association aimed to create a continuously maintained and supervised greenbelt area, which would integrate the sports- and playground in a nice, new, and arranged field. From the grant plants and trees were planted and the area was arranged.
Green Belt Mountain Shepherd Cirlce Our green island Oszkó 1 508 EUR
The forest school managed by the Mountain Shepherd Circle is situated on a land of 2,5 hectares, owned by the association. The organization received grant to plant native trees and fruit trees, and to install bicycle storage racks and carpenter benches that match the surrounding environment, and also a fireplace was created.
Green Belt "The space is ours" Park Embellishment Association Give space! Orosháza 2 483 EUR
A community space (playground and resting area) was created with the involvement of local residents of the "Szőlő" area of Orosháza. Altogether 961 pieces of different kinds of plants (trees, bushes, flowers) were planted by the 60 participants.
Green Belt Association for Báránd Playpark in Báránd Báránd 887 EUR
The Association received grant for the renewal of the playground in Kossuth Square, which is owned by the local government and required repair anyway. The Association and the local government signed a cooperation agreement. During the renewal, the functions of the playground and the park became separated separated by plants.
Green Belt Public Benefit Association for Rábapatona Besenyő Adventure Park Rábapatona 1 774 EUR
The area of 1800 m2 owned by the local government of Rábapatona was the only green and grassy area of the settlement, which had not been rehabilitated before. Some parts of the area are eroded and inundated by inland water. The long term goal of the association is to arrange the entire area and create a park. The Green Belt Program aimed to rehabilitate the areas that were not inundated by inland water. The already existing walking trails were enhanced, plus these were extended by new ones; native plants were planted, and benches, trash containers etc. were installed.
Green Belt Remete Csemete Foundation Elderberry Park - A recreational park in Remeteszőlős Remeteszőlős 1 902 EUR
The Foundation received grant for creating a local recreational park. Within the scope of the project, the area was first cleaned and covered with grass, and then a one side open pavilion, a fire place, benches and tables were placed into the area. The grassy area can function as a football field or a badminton and volleyball court. In the recreational park, besides bird feeders and garbage containers, an information table presenting the village and the neighbouring Remete-szurdok was also set up.
Green Belt Circle of Friends in Csapókert Public Benefit Association Csapókert Liget square - A living park in the northeasthern garden suburb of Debrecen Debrecen 993 EUR
The project was implemented in Csapókert, a garden suburb of northeastern Debrecen. The public park "Liget tér" was rehabilitated with the work of 117 volunteers. 1000 bushes were planted and also 3 memorial trees, thus the Civil Memorial Park of Csapókert was created.
Green Belt Waldorf Association of Veszprém Creating an open community space in a schoolyard Nemesvámos 1 242 EUR
The Association received grant for the establishment of a community area that can function as a schoolyard for children during schooltime, and otherwise as a venue for organizing various cultural programs and other similar events for local residents and the members of the Association.
Green Belt Foundation for the Youth of Kecskemét-Katonatelep Creating the Katona Zsigmond Memorial Park in Kecskemét-Katonatelep Kecskemét 1 774 EUR
A memorial park (named after Zsigmond Katona) was created from the grant, using 621 bushes and trees. The works were done with the involvement of students of the local elementary school and children's home, and also members of the elderly club. The memorial park is suitable for the organization of community events in the future.
Green Belt Public Benefit Association of the Youth of Hejőcsaba Together for the beautiful Miskolc 1 774 EUR
The Association aimed to clean up a long time abandoned area, evening out its ground, covering it with grass, planting there trees, shrubs, and other perennial plants in order to embellish it. Furthermore, the Association planned to convert the area into a recreational park by installing benches, barbeque ovens and garbage containers, and also a football field, a basketball backboard and a bicycle obstacle course for children were created.
Green Belt Four Seasons Waldorf Pedagogical Foundation A bird friendly park Szekszárd 1 064 EUR
The Foundation aims to convert the local park into a bird friendly park. With the support of the Green Belt Program and as the first step, the ground was evened out and a walking trail was developed. The park became more attractive for birds thanks to the plantation of bird friendly plants (trees and shrubs), bird feeders and baths. Into the previously neglected park benches, garbage collectors and information signs were also placed out.
Green Belt Harmony Leisure and Cultural Public Benefit Association Together for a green environment Szajol 1 667 EUR
The area selected for rehabilitation by the organization in Szajol is situated in the middle of the settlement, it is easily accessible for everyone, and therefore it would be very useful for organising community events as well. The selected area is next to the sports field, so this area could integrally be connected to the recreational, sports and entertainment events of the community. The rehabilitation of the weedy areas has already been started by planting trees and bushes, granted by the Green Belt Program.
Green Belt Association for Village Embellishment in Csikóstőttős Creating the new element of the Park Promenade in Csikőstőttős Csikóstőttős 1 460 EUR
Within the scope of the project, the Association created a friendly, multi-functional place from an abandoned grassy area that can function as a place for relaxation, as a recreational park, a venue for outdoor activities and where the nature trails can also be presented. Later on public art works can be exhibited there for the benefit of local residents.
Green Belt Foundation for the Youth of Palotás Creating a recreational path along the creek in Palotás Palotás 1 976 EUR
After the rehabilitation of the abandoned creek bank the foundation and local volunteers established a “creek coastal path” in a pleasant area planted with trees and shrubs, suitable for walking and contemplation, which would provide an up-close nature experience for both the locals and the visitors.
Green Belt Family and Community Foundation Medieval town quarter in Pécsvárad (Castle-area) Pécsvárad 1 419 EUR
The aim of the Foundation was to rehabilitate the neglected historical areas of Pécsvárad. Thus, the main job was to landscape the previously mentioned areas as well as to refresh the plants along the roads leading to these historical areas and to build parking spaces.
Green Belt Waldorf Foundation of Vác Setting and example for a town quarter and a new generation VÁC 1 242 EUR
Within the scope of the project, a garden of 4100 m² belonging to the former barracks was created keeping the valuable trees that had been there. An entrance part of 187 m² covered by clinker bricks was created, the Meadow (the grassy school garden), the Grove, the Promenade, the Willow pavilion and the Fruit garden around the Bio-garden were also developed. To achieve these 24 trees and 20 shrubs were planted - mostly more developed pieces with soil balls - and also herbs and spices plants were planted.
Green Belt Acquincum-Mocsáros Public Benefit Association Extension and development of the recreational park in Mocsáros-dűlő Budapest 1 774 EUR
The aim of the association was to create a real park character for the recreational park situated in Mocsáros-dűlő, which was achieved by planting trees, hedgerows, putting out benches, bicycle storage racks and garbage containers.
Green Belt Association of Competition Anglers in Tiszakécske and its Neighbourhood The creation of a recreational park at the Holt-Tisza bank in Tiszakécske Tiszakécske 2 334 EUR
By landscaping the Holt-Tisza area, the aim of the project is to induce the local residents of Tiszakécske and those who visit the area to spend their spare time in the nature.
Green Belt Waldorf Social Circle of Szombathely Printpart project Szombathely 2 129 EUR
The Waldorf Social Circle of Szombathely intended to rearrange the municipal area, that had been completely renovated and that is integrally linked to the local school, using plants as natural “barriers” to separate areas with different function and to make the garden provide a natural experience.
Green Belt Rotary Club - Szolnok Szolnok - Landscaping the public space in Sebestyén Gyula street Szolnok 1 690 EUR
The Rotary Club created a park on the approximately 3000 sqm area of a former Russian barrack. They renewed the area by planting 82 trees, grass covering, planting flowers, and benches, tables and a drinking fountain were also installed.
Green Belt Branch Foundation With flowers for sticking together - Landscaping in Nagymizdó Nagymizdó 1 064 EUR
The Foundation renovated an area in the middle of the village by installing benches, a billboard, garbage cans, and by planting shrubs and native trees, flowers. Participants also created a fire place for open air cooking and frying, using their own resources.
Green Belt Friendship Circle of Zamárdi Planting trees at the free beach of Zamárdi Zamárdi 1 320 EUR
The Friendship Circle of Zamárdi received grant for landscaping the local free beach area. During the selection of 39 saplings and 200 shrubs the Foundation paid great attention to select indigenous breeds, considering the regional characteristics and the expected life span of the trees. Thus the choice fell on fast-growing plants with long life span that endure the wind-water conditions of the coastal zone and throw a shadow on bathers. Increased community use of the area as well as the capricious weather conditions justified the establishment of rain shelters too.
Green Belt "For the Future of the School of Tenk" Public Benefit Foundation Greenbelt Program 2009 Tenk 885 EUR
Involving the local citizens and the local government, the organization has been developing the woody, bushy park surrounding the school for many decades. They created a mini education trail and a botanical garden besides the refreshment of the tree and shrub stock.
Green Belt Volunteer Firemen's Association in Vértesboglár Greenbelt Program 2009 Vértesboglár 2 355 EUR
During the project, the Association tried to make the park accessible for hearing-impaired, physically disabled, visually impaired and handicapped visitors and to consider the needs of children, young mothers and the elderly people. Making the park attractive for the youth and for transit passengers by providing the possibility to obtain information was a further aim.
Greenway Greenways Methodology Association Develepment of Hungarian Greenways 2010 Alsópetény 1 951 EUR
Iron curtain biking route, development of a virtual tour itinerary
NCTA civil Foundation for Democratic Youth It is about us Budapest 14 698 EUR
The aim of the project was that the participating NGOs' staff members go through a professional development process whereby some civil techniques and interest exercising methods would be taught empowering them to represent local issues, to organize public fora and to cooperate with other NGOs. Young participants of the debate skill improvement sessions may become volunteers or staff members of these NGOs and it was an aim to bring locally relevant issues to the public disputes and to provide an opportunity to think over the organisation's strategy and to plan the necessary steps.
NCTA civil "Léthatáron" - Living on the Edge Foundation Capacity builiding, institution stabilization of "Léthatáron" Foundation Budapest 5 000 EUR
Léthatáron ('Living on the Edge') Foundation received 5000 EUR grant support. The project originally aimed to carry out a community development process in order to move one of their existing institutions (Isola night shelter) into a new building with suitable functions for the long run. The grantee however is not able to implement the project, because its external partners of planning (local government, entrepreneurs, citizens) could not be sufficiently mobilized, despite their theoretical support they did not attend the working group meetings, their commitment could not be raised; moreover during this year's flooding the hostel became inundated for two weeks, which completely upset the functioning of the institution and its normal operating hours. The applicant withdrew from the grant contract and repaid the received advance.
NCTA civil Association of Nonprofit Human Services of Hungary Reflex Budapest 15 000 EUR
The goal was to start civil self-organisation in the two target regions (Northern Hungary and Western Transdanubia), where the differences in development are the most significant (labour market conditions, sturucture of unemployment). These initiatives are different, but adaptable regional forms of conciliation, which are capable to unite CSOs working in the field of employment. As a consequence of the new type of self-organisation, the civil interest would be manifested and integrated into decision making processes and instead of a tripartite system a multipartite cooperation could be established, concerning regional employment strategies, division of funds as well as monitoring.
NCTA civil Hungarian Interest Protection Association for Mentally Disabled Persons and their Mentors Supported decision making Budapest 16 000 EUR
One of the major long-term aims of the "Supported Decision Making" project - overarching all target groups - was to advance the achievement of equal rights for the disabled persons as well. The active application of the supported decision making contributes to the animation of the legal institution, while its spread facilitates the evolvement of good practices. The implementation of the new Civil Code requires a shift in professional views, for which professional development trainings are necessary. A primal short term aim was to provide knowledge for the stakeholders on the supported decision making. The self-advocacy is a campaign of disabled persons to exercise their interests, the basis of which is the self-knowledge and the recognition of own needs. Young people can experiment this new decision making method in interactive situations in workshops, organised by the the local organisations. A further short term aim was the training of professionals and the consciousness raising of the participants about the supported decision making. Families should become committed in order to induce changes and the opinion shaping of professionals is also indispensable, for which besides the presentation of legal changes the open-minded and cooperative attitude of the participants is needed as well. After finishing the trainings, the inner professional self-organisation should be induced, which would assure the project's sustainability.
NCTA civil Foundation for Equal Opportunities Equal Opportunities - Strong interests Csömör 16 171 EUR
The goal of the project was a stronger advocacy for people with disabilities and to make the NGOs, responsible for their (institutional) homes and employment able to provide better and more livable circumstances on a local level. Collective actions of advocacy and gaining support from the local community could be the right way to achieve this.
NCTA civil Hungarian Society of Organisation Developers With international experience for the development of domestic communities and civil organisations Budapest 15 480 EUR
The aim of the project was the development of 20 local Hungarian organisations and communities by adapting relevant know-how and experience for real life situations brought by the 2010 OD World Summit, held in Hungary. Also, finding those local organisation and community developers, who possess expertise and commitment was an aim, in order to relate them with foreign colleagues and familiarize the Hungarian target groups with the successful methodologies from abroad. This way, they could be prepared for adapting viable sustainable long term operating models and methods and the skills for self-organisation and self-subsistence of civil organisations and communities could also be enhanced.
NCTA civil Fact Foundation of Economic and Social Science Application Efficient operation and co-operation of NGOs in the health care in the South-Transdanubian Region Pécs 17 000 EUR
The project aimed to establish a civil network and at the same time a collective interest representation, which could increase the efficiency of the operation of these health care organisations by transmitting and spreading their extant knowledge. A further aim and also one of the innovative elements of the program was the revelation of the importance of elaborating indicators, which throughout the operation of civil organisations, could measure their efficiency and thus provide a basis for internal and external evaluation.
NCTA civil "On the other side of light..." - Regional Public Benefit Association Of Visually Impaired People Under the shadow - interactive adventure in the dark Székesfehérvár 10 000 EUR
The aim was to organise an interactive event, where visitors were brought closer to the world of blind and visually impaired people through a playful, creative, but educational program, by the end of which visitors are expected to better understand these people's special life situation. The target group of decision makers was of special importance since they are expected to pay more attention to the formation of equal opportunity laws and they should not only enforce them out of obligation but also a new way of thinking is expected from them in the future.
NCTA civil Ability Park Public Benefit Association for the Social Integration of Disabled Persons Launching an accredited training about equality and integration in the Ability Park Budapest 9 200 EUR
The long-term aim of the project - related to the extant social problem - was to gain more pedagogists via trainings, who possessing proper professional knowledge could genuinely represent and through their professional work support the integrated education of disabled children in the public education system. At an organisational level, the long-term aim was to gain new financial resources thanks to the launch of the training service and also that a greater portion of colleagues directly take part in the activities resulting in more significant incomes. This way the self-sustaining ability of the organisation could be enhanced. A short-term, direct aim of the project was to launch the training service, to acquire the adult training accreditation, to prepare the colleagues and to build up a training material from the existing, collected professional materials.
NCTA civil Regional Civil Center Foundation Civil terrain - coordination of field trips for higher education students in the civil sector Miskolc 14 430 EUR
The concrete aim of the project was to manage a pilot project in the Northern Hungarian region, by which in the framework of an internship system field trips were provided to the students of the three higher education institutions of the region. Grantee ensured the professional management of the field trip, the gathering of working experience and the opportunity for students and civil organisations to endear each other.
NCTA civil Háttér Support Society for LGBT People in Hungary Making the LGBT people's equal opportunities a horizontal policy Budapest 18 000 EUR
The comprehensive aim of the project was to promote equal opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, to eliminate discriminative laws, which disadvantage them, to decrease the prejudice and negative discrimination against LGBT people, and to create public services that are sensitive to their particular aspects. A direct aim of the project was to contribute to a law making, which is sensitive to their aspects and to the spread of state programs and public services via making the equality of LGBT people a horizontal policy (mainstreaming equality).
NCTA civil "Heart and Hand" Foundation for Children with Special Educational Needs Capacity building for the members of the "Rain-Umbrella" network Juta 10 000 EUR
The projet aimed to operate a well organised network that could facilitate the advocacy. Good regional communication and cooperation was planned with the civil organisations catering to autists and with the institutions of the local government and the church. The maintenance of an operable mentor-parent network, a national, actualised mapping of the services and scarcities and the broad popularization of the problem of autism were also targeted.
NCTA cultural Prominent Public Benefit Association for the South-Pannon Museums Protecting the natural and cultural heritage of the Mecsek in the past and in the present Pécs 14 334 EUR
The aim was to make the broad public acquainted with the natural and cultural heritage of the Mecsek region and chart the ravaged and still extant cultural establishments by collecting data from the antique almanacs and issues of the Mecsek Association and from the documents published by the Tourist Agency's Museum. A further purpose of the project was to actualize and transmit status reports to the society on the current status of the Mecsek; damages, pollution and positive outcomes too.
NCTA cultural TIT Komárom-Esztergom County Association Interactive astronomical museum in the Charles Posztoczky Observatory of Tata Tatabánya 19 976 EUR
The main purpose of the project was to modernize and qualify the observatory for sidereal observations that are independent from seasons or the times of the day; and also to get it equipped with timely relevant antique eqiupments that can raise the number of visitors in the Observatory.
NCTA cultural PROTESTATION! Public Benefit Association Creation of a PROTESTATION! House Budapest 20 000 EUR
To present the architectural values of the old Jewish district of Budapest by setting up a PROTESTATION! House at frequented spots of the city to launch a dialogue involving broad stakeholder groups. Their most direct short-term aim was to draw the attention of the local public opinion, the attention of the visitors of the festivals and programs of the district, the press, the profesionals and importantly the attention of the decision makers to the importance of conserving the architectural and cultural values so that streets, squares, houses not only mean traffic space and dead objects but also a cultural treasury that is enjoyable and carries diverse interest.
NCTA cultural Association for the Roma of Szomolya Anda Romano Lyako - according to the Gipsy custom Szomolya 20 000 EUR
The program aimed to preserve the cave houses of the settlement with historical past through the active participation of the Roma and not Roma community that used to live on the Szomolya site. Also, the cohesion of the Roma community, which has newly moved out from these cave houses was aimed to be preserved and their subsistence was meant to be saved. A concrete project target was to renovate the association's cave house with the active coopoeration of 23 local Roma families in order to create a community space in it, preserving the authentic style of the cave house.
NCTA cultural Cultural Association of Láz-Hill Heritage and community at the gate of Zselic Szenna 9 410 EUR
The program aimed to familiarize the residents of Szenna and its visitors with the traditional village culture, the events related to the yearly economic cycle and the activities related to the village lifestyle.The traditional relationship between humans and the nature was presented via "heritage of Szenna nature trail" with educational boards. The revived events connected to the illustrious days animated the open-air museum and established its interactive operation, strengthening this way the local patriotism and the cohesion of the local community.
NCTA cultural Foundation for Felpéc Keep up in the Traditional house - in the service of education without school Felpéc 11 070 EUR
The aim of the project was to create an educational programme based on reviving the traditions and presenting the folk art typical of Felpéc and its surroundings. This program is planned to be included into the education in school system.
NCTA cultural Mountain Shepherd Circle Pass it on! With civil volunteers for the preservation of cultural heritage Oszkó 14 194 EUR
The aim was to organize a program series for the whole year related to illustrious days and folk customs. This initiative could start a value conservation and creating program in the region based on individuals' work or on the support of organisational volunteers, whereby participants would not only focus on the protection of built, natural and ethnographycal heritage but also on their sustainability and utilization. Also, the program aimed to reveal the potentials of the local community, to make them aware of the power of community and to relive the experience of collective creation, the value of which has long faded.
NCTA cultural Alois Dallmayr - Tolnatext Kayak-Canoe Sport Club Conservation by novel means of the natural values of the Tolna backwater Tolna 19 200 EUR
The main objective of the project was to establish a 15 km long nature trail on the Tolna backwater system in cooperation with the local government of Tolna and other local participants. 10 informational notice-boards and 2 stations display the evolution of the backwater, as well as the possibilities for its utilization and its natural values.
NCTA cultural National Association for the Cherishers of Hungarian Literary Heritage Ráday Castle - Literary Castle Budapest 18 159 EUR
The main goal of the project was to inhibit the closure of the Ráday Castle and to popularize it by establishing a civil network. The establishment of an important and continous cooperation among experts of cultural heritage protection (national professional and local civil cultural organisations, local government and its cultural and educational institutions, Guardianship of National Monuments representing the State and the Ráday Library guarding and processing the art relics of the Ráday) is vital. Another purpose of the project was to organize interactive museum programs in order to raise the number of visitors and also to establish the image of a "Library Castle", where art relics are not only presented through traditional interpretation.
NCTA cultural IRKA Association of Literary Film Writers The history of our family Budapest 20 000 EUR
The main purpose of the project was to get the audience acquainted with the culture, history and cultural heritage of the distinct minorities living in Hungary by processing and presenting the genealogy of children and youth in order to reduce the social prejudice and stereotypes.
NCTA cultural Imago Mundi Cultural Association Colourful City - public art based on the intellectual legacy of Vasarely Budapest 18 580 EUR
The direct short term aim of the project was to make the city more colourful in the framework of a civil cooperation by creating several hundreds of square meters of wall paintings, a dozen of statues and distinct interactive moving projections at three defined locations in Budapest (Flórián square, Moszkva square, Deák square). A further aim was to gain such a social support for the civil project realizers, which could affirm the civil participation in the urban design and decision making processes.
NCTA cultural Hungarian Sectorball Association A small organization's activity can be tremendous too! Budapest 18 180 EUR
The aim was to familiarize the formal organisations and informal communities participating in the project with the values of the "button football", to make them understand its funny, creative, skill enhancing and communtity creating effects. Moreover another aim was to establish new civil associations, where young Slovaks, Romanians and Hungarians could act together irrespective of their ethnic background. Also, with the increasing popularity of the game, the preparations for its registration on the spiritual world heritages list of the UNESCO are planned.
NCTA cultural "Crystal-valley" Association for Regional and Rural Development Who likes its village - with civil cooperation for the cultural heritage of the surroundings of Somló Ajka 12 657 EUR
The main purpose of the project was to realize a novel initiative with the cooperation of 8 NGOs working in the region. This initiative is about popularizing the regional built heritages by joining the Google Earth program with at least 15 examples of such, making them visitable on the Internet. Besides these, Grantee and its partners prepare at least 10 videos (3 minutes each) about the most popular built heritages of the region both in Hungarian and English languages. Also at least 20 NGOs will join the regional duties of heritage protection.
NCTA cultural Association of Hungarian Literary Memorial Houses Reading - creative action Budapest 17 971 EUR
The aim of the project was to endear youth to reading fiction literature and indirectly to improve the key competences of reading and text understanding. In order to discover reading as a creative community experience, reading camps were organised for 300 young people (between the age of 10 and 22) at the memorial places of the Association of Hungarian Literary Memorial Houses. A further goal of the project was to strengthen the cooperation between professionals with different backgrounds participating in the planning, organisation and management of the reading camps, plus to increase the social embedment, general familiarization, and the importance of the 11 participating literary memorial houses.
NCTA cultural National Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing People Conserving the value of the sign language based deaf culture Budapest 17 990 EUR
The goal of the project was to make the subculture of deaf people visible for the entire society with the help of road-shows and sensibilizing lessons, and to find connecting points between the sign language users and the rest of the society. Organizing interactive sensibilizing lessons at schools aimed to provide opportunities for direct experience gathering, to create openness, to decrease the stereotypes about the handicapped communities and to advance social cohesion. The direct aim of launching the road-show bus was to reach the broad society, to realize an efficient external communication, to increase the speed of information spreading, to efficiently utilize the media tools and to ensure local publicity.
NCTA cultural Sport Club of Cyclists of Komlóstető Shift - re-launching the factory! Miskolc 19 996 EUR
The aim of the project was to present to the population the industrial area of Miskolc, as a cultural heritage of the city in the framework of a civil cooperation. Programs were organised in the Factory Sport Arena on the territory of the former iron factory aiming to start a process, which could end up in turning this territory into an elemental, operating part of the city again.
NCTA cultural Historical Foundation of 1956 Nineteen-fifty-six - you're a star Kiskunmajsa 4 740 EUR
The program aimed to improve the Memories Collection/Museum of Kiskunmajsa about the revolution of 1956 with the help of innovative audiovisual and museum-pedagogical equipments so that its directness and authenticity may be able to address and involve children and everyone interested in this era. In order to be able to realize this project, the proper development of the exhibition hall's infrastructure (audiovisual tools: laptop, projector, screens, loudspeakers), the building renovation (painting, windows, doors etc.) and the development of an innovative museum-pedagogical program plan were all necessary.
NCTA cultural Hungarian Public Benefit Association for Geocaching Civil cooperation for visiting and documenting monuments over the border Budapest 10 620 EUR
The principal goal of the project was to find architectural monuments that are located beyond Hungary's borders, but are of high significance for the history and architectural history of Hungary and the Carpathian Basin. The documentation of their status, the definition of their exact location and their presentation on the Internet in a playful way were further aims. An additional aim was to address beyond-the-border NGOs involved in monument conservation, and to provide them an opportunity and surface for connection, exchange of ideas and cooperation.
NCTA cultural Association for Középkert For the protection and presentation of the cumanian mounds in the Hajdúság Hajdúböszörmény 14 434 EUR
The project aimed at the protection of the cumanian mounds in Hajdúság and the consciousness raising about the issue by initiating an active campaign addressing and involving the majority of the population of the concerned settlements. The local residents were familiarized with the values, history and the importance of the conservation of the cumanian mounds and kurgans in Hajdúság.
NCTA cultural Amaro Trajo "Our life” Foundation for Roma Culture Preserving and promoting the traditional Roma culture of clothing Mátészalka 20 000 EUR
The direct goal of the project was to collect and preserve traditional Roma clothing and to make society conscious about it with the help of fashion. A concrete aim was to revive and preserve Roma clothing traditions not in a static form in museums, but by their innovative presentation to the broad society in form of trendy fashion pieces.
NCTA cultural "Pro Art" Foundation Labyrinth Park Pécs 14 546 EUR
The goal of the "Labyrinth Park" concept is a combination of adapted art branches for children and youth, the interaction of these arts with children and families, and it is centred around the use of community development methods. An area in the inner city of Pécs, connected to the world heritage area of the North Castle Wall Promenade (otherwise obstructed and without function) was used for the project implementation.
NCTA social Association of Visually Impaired People in Nyírség Radio orientation competition for visually impaired persons Nyíregyháza 6 123 EUR
The principal aim of the project was to establish and disseminate a new sport in Hungary for the visually impaired people. Few of them know this sport, however, the half of all (40.000 visually impaired) would like to do some kind of sport, which is of relatively low cost though what could bring colour to the greyness of their everyday life.
NCTA social SPACE Association for Youth Assistance Family is an experience Kecskemét 20 000 EUR
The aim of the project was to provide a complex mental hygiene service for every member of 2x10 families for 2x4 days, familiarizing them with the tools of experience pedagogy, drama pedagogy and conflict management techniques. Participants (parents and their children) experienced the power of playing, the educational role of spare time, the joy of collective experiences and togetherness via playful learning and they also acquired skills and ideas, which advanced the social integration.
NCTA social Association of Hospital Pedagogists Heal with us! Helping the resocialization of children suffering from life-threatening illnesses Pécs 19 788 EUR
The aim of the project was to achieve the acknowledgement of hospital pedagogy as an independent professional field and to stabilize the role and situation of hospital pedagogists in order to efficiently help children with cancer. The hospital pedagogist abridges the gap between society and health care, acting as a connection between sick and healthy people. The association is determined to make this bridge strong so that it can provide shelter and support.
NCTA social Free Mobility Association for the Increased Freedom of Movement for Physically Disabled Persons On wheels you can go easier! Pécs 20 000 EUR
The aim of the project was to change the attitudes of healthy persons towards people with disabilities. The association would like to teach them those practices which could enable healthy people to professionally assist and treat disabled people with empathy without hurting their sensitivity. A multimedia educational package was prepared that besides providing the experience of freedom would also teach how to survive in traffic. Their aim was to present special sport equipments and vehicles and teach both disabled people and the healthy commuters how to use them properly.
NCTA social Mediawave International Visual Art Foundation "Black or white, together" - Youth art workshop series for community creation and reciprocal understanding Győr 19 990 EUR
„Roma art is notably the art of life... not just the reflection of a certain lifestyle but it is the lifestyle itself..." (Jean-Pierre Liégeois)
There are significant Roma ethnic groups living in Hungary and the media also increasingly deals with the Roma question though still it has not been clearly defined why the negative stereotypes have come into existance against them. Moreover the integration of solution recommendations into the everyday life born at different fora is going hard. The community creation would be important by which the society could be brought closer to the elimination of ethnic division in Hungary.
NCTA social Tevan Foundation The small publisher Budapest 19 687 EUR
The aim of the project was to transmit and test knowledge and improve skills on professional, carreer choice, employment, and labour market expectations. Also the presentation of the the entire system of the book publishing and book trade sector (writing, editing, publishing, marketing, distribution, library services) as well as the analysis of the practical implementation and success of the current methods was an aim.
NCTA social Station Group Foundation for Addicts Send a sign up from down Budapest 19 936 EUR
The aim was to begin a working process in the field of addiction, which meant the regular weekly operation of art therapy groups. These were joined by famous artists, whose presence strengthened the group-cohesion and directed the therapy towards art so that concrete performances could be born and presented via conference talks in the framework of a great event held at Merlin Theatre. A significant communication campaign was planned, involving experts and lecturers from the organization's extant relationship network.
NCTA social PLUSS - Assistance Association for Hungarian HIV-positive people AIDS prevention behind the bar - Including sites frequented by specific target groups in the fight against HIV/AIDS Budapest 19 628 EUR
The goal was to improve communication and problem solving skills of the staff of at least 6-7 gay bars, situated mainly in Budapest, to expand their knowledge on HIV and STD infections so they would be be able to draw the attention of their customers during work to the importance of safe sex, provide information on it and to motivate them to apply such practice. The staff members should also help the relationship and co-operation between the gay community and the organizations established for their advocacy.
NCTA social National Association of Former Children in State Care The game of Life Tiszadob 19 250 EUR
The aim of the "Game of Life" project was to dissolve barrier factors in the personal maturing process of young Roma people between the age of 12-20 who live or used to live under state care in Tiszadob. Simultaneously the most complex possible development of the personality with the formation of a sustainable and efficient life conduct and tackling strategy was aimed. A further goal was to educate them for individual lifestyle, to strengthen their responsibility and develop their individual and community competence.
NCTA social Búra Foundation Sustainable support system for people struggling with psychic illnesses Budapest 18 700 EUR
Founding the long term sustainability of the Búra (Shade) Self-Help Fellow Sufferers' Community, by a) the employment of a qualified expert for one year and b) by a new CMS (content management system) so that bottlenecks of the moderation system become eliminated by a new editorial system. Also, the mobilization of the community members to upload own content and to organize own fellow sufferers' groups is important.
NCTA social Agora Family Assistance Foundation Film making workshop in the Girls' Reformatory of Rákospalota Budapest 19 971 EUR
Introduction of film making into the activities of the residents and pedagosists of the Girls' Reformatory of Rákospalota. During the project life, fate and life situations of the participants were processed by drama play, sociodrama excercises, and the film making would present everything from their own point of view. The finished works were presented at their original places of abode, in public showings, festivals and on the Internet.
NCTA social Hungarian Association of Midnight Sport Championship The way out - With social sport for the protection of disadvantaged young people Budapest 18 000 EUR
The Hungarian Association of Midnight Sport Championship operates social clubs for disadvantaged young people within the ’Moonlight Program’ across the country and beyond the borders. The aim of this project was to establish new partnerships with local civil organizations in order to found further social clubs in settlemets, where there is no social community place dealing with disadvantaged young people yet.
NCTA social Artemission Foundation "Pár-Beszéd" - With community creation for social cohesion, against exclusion Budapest 20 000 EUR
The long-term goal of the project was to genuinely promote acceptance, diversity and social justice on the local and national level through the wide-scale display of an exhibition based on an innovative methodology. Later on, this exhibition can be used as a complex pedagogical and awareness-raising tool and it will be displayed in the communities running the project and in localities with similar problems.
NCTA social Association of Roma Youth of the Drava Valley Sibling kindergarten Lakócsa 12 565 EUR
The aim was to improve the equal opportunities for the most disabled children of the settlement and to develop their positive emotional relation to the natural and social environment. The sibling kindergarten is the Eszperantó Óvoda in Pécs-Szabolcsfalu. This way the children in the village had the chance to meet children from a town (and the other way round), as well as to get acquainted with another kind of culture, life style and experience, and also make new friends. The two sibling kindergartens organized joint trips, the children of Lakócsa participated in the forest kindergarten programme. At the visits to each other different thematic days were organized.
NCTA social Changing World Social Association More Human Europe - preparing an interactive accessibility map Debrecen 7 730 EUR
The project's long term aim was to promote the independent lifestyle for physically disabled people living in the Debrecen region. The concrete aim was to survey regional accessibility and to create a multimedia, web and paper based accessibility map of Debrecen, listing institutions and other important places of daily life, which provide equal accessibility for the physically disabled persons as well.
NCTA environmental Hungarian Association of Ornithology and Nature Protection (MME) Conflict mapping and information management in areas of high natural value Budapest 14 050 EUR
Creation of a nature protection/Natura 2000 conflict map by using extant GIS (geographical information system) data and novel (also economic, legal, social) data gathering in order to discover relations between the data. All this will be online available, and capacity building through related trainings is also planned. An aim is to advance the formation of dialogues and cooperation with the help of GIS and to publish the already existing solutions and knowledge gained through the organisation's previous projects. Also in order to prepare for future solutions, gathering of necessary data and the formation of a database for professional strategies could help MME and other organisations that deal with nature protection.
NCTA environmental DNS Nature Centred Association Basics of the creation of eco-husbandry on farms Izsák 12 678 EUR
The short-term aim of the project was to educate the farmers in the Kiskőrös Sub-region (Izsák, Soltszentimre and surroundings) about ecological husbandry and basic entrepreneurial and financial skills, in order to which a sample farm and educational area of 1000+500 m2 were created on the Association’s farm territory. Further aim was to provide a subsistence alternative for those longing for farmer lifestyle and to impede the decadence of this way of life through the creation of a model system for saving the farm world of other Hungarian regions as well.
NCTA environmental Cultural Association for Gödör Club Green Gödör - The Sustainable Fun: Developing a comprehensive environmentally conscious system and promoting eco-consciousness Budapest 10 000 EUR
Gödör Club Association's aim was to develop a comprehensive operational system for the club which would promote environmentally friendly thinking and would also help to introduce green thinking into the everydays.
NCTA environmental Returning Path Nature Friendly Association Environmentally conscious farm model for the people of the future and today Kács 19 921 EUR
The aim was to create an environmentally friendly and energy efficient model farm with a vegetable and herb garden, where permaculture is being applied. In order to popularize the established model, programs were organized so that as many people as possible could be familiarized with sustainable lifestyle and apply it in their own lives. The organization also aimed to strengthen the local community life by organizing events for preserving traditions (basketwork, carving), moreover the relationship network and cooperation with similar organisations were also enhanced.
NCTA environmental TÁR-S Association for Cultural and Environmental Education Environmental games: environmentally conscious education methodology with experience pedagogy Budapest 9 083 EUR
The short-term aim of the project was to provide a practical display of the TÁR-S Association’s complex playhouse methodology at two countryside locations with two elementary school classes, workshops and mini conferences in order to popularize the efficiency of the experience-centred teaching and the art pedagogy and to spread it further via the association’s brochures and media appearances. The project was meant to increase the equal opportunities for the children of rural schools and by purchasing technical instruments also to enhance the teaching technology.
Longer term aim was to be able to coordinate a short-term project at two rural locations, strengthening the professional and organisational background and gaining new dynamism. The necessary preparations and the launch of the civil network at the two new locations were common tasks with the partner organisations in order to assist the civil self-organisation and create basis and opportunity for the interested public to gain knowledge on the playhouse methodology in the future. Also, an own, interactive website was a target.
NCTA environmental First Public Benefit Assotiation of Hungarian Amateur Meteorologists School-MET: Amateur meteorologists for climate protection Budapest 13 850 EUR
The direct aim of the project was to help the establishment of amateur meteorological stations in 15 educational institutions, thus helping the interested teachers and students in joining the volunteer detection network. In addition, the program aimed to raise the social basis of the organization and the profession as well, for which events, free lectures and an Internet and voluntary based knowledge background were planned. Another goal was to expand the knowledge base with storm damage analyses and with the database of extreme events and climatology.
NCTA environmental Association for the Carpathians Kids on the field - volunteering in Bereg Vásárosnamény 12 470 EUR
The aim was to familiarize the youth in Bereg with the area's natural values, traditions, culture, folk craft and organic farming and to endear them to all this. With the help of the website, the area was expected to gain more popularity and visitors and the volunteering was popularized by setting up groups of volunteers. 40 young people were assisted in achieving competences, which could help them in their career choice and employment acquiring as well.
NCTA environmental Environment Protection Foundation of Göcsej Local sustainable development - Introducing adaptive fruit cultivation in the small villages of Zala Pókaszepetk 15 854 EUR
The organization aimed at launching an adaptive fruit cultivation in the following villages of Zala: Almásháza (project center), Ligetfalva, Tilaj, Kemendollár, Hottó and Boncodfölde. The basic theoretical and practical knowledge for individual care taking of fruit cultivations will be transmitted and also an emotional commitment of the target groups for sustainable husbandry was aimed to be created.
NCTA environmental Green Zone Partnership Environment Protection Association (Dumpster Dipper Environment Protection Public Benefit Association) Tangibly Green Festival - Return your jar! Budapest 15 140 EUR
The short-term aim of the project was to introduce returnable, durable and washable deposit jars, decorated with green messages at festivals and mass events instead of the "instant garbage" beer jars. Also the opinion shaping and product development activities were among the objectives.
NCTA environmental White Cross Animal Protection Society Correlation between animal abuse and social violence Budapest 11 422 EUR
Explore and publish the connection between cruelty among people and cruelty against animals in Hungary in the last 20 years. The research raises two questions: did the aggressor assault live animals before assaulting another person; and how the victim's further life is impacted by the maltreatment. Based on this publication local governments and educational institutions can develop programs in order to reduce violence, and the local members of Parliament may utilise these findings when creating laws. For law enforcement, the result of the project can be a point of reference in the reasoning of a legal decision in an animal protection case.
NCTA environmental Green Connection Association With bike and hiking stick for a more livable city Miskolc 14 004 EUR
Promoting bicycle and pedestrian (nordic walking/jogging/walking) traffic in Miskolc with education on traffic regulation for bicyclists, repair-it-yourself course and opinion shaping activities in schools as well as with the establishment of recreational routes. The other goal was to involve the business and local government sector in the project and to launch a cooperation with them in order to achieve the long-term goals.
NCTA environmental E-mission Nature and Environment Protection Association Face of a city Nyíregyháza 14 315 EUR
The main goal of the project was to develop the city’s cultural life, connecting existing cultural and public initiations, involving youth and artists in the association’s operation as well as to introduce the dialogue method and the collective recognition of the proactive potentials of dialogues. Also, informing about environment and cityscape protection and protecting the built environment were targets.
NCTA environmental Syndicate - Together for the City Public Benefit Association Hunyadi square - free market Budapest 10 849 EUR
The aim was the representation of the interests of Hunyadi square and the market, which means impeding the construction of an underground parking garage and lobbying for the market and square rehabilitatation via green area management plans prepared by the local government. Another goal was to make the inhabitants feel responsible for the market and the square and to create a residents' community that takes over the role of the "Kincsünk a Piac" – Hunyadi square activists with the ability of preventing the local government from steps serving purely investment needs.
NCTA environmental Magosfa Foundation for Environmental Education and Eco-tourism With community control for environmentally sustainable tourism - alternative tourism development practices along the Lower-Ipel and in the Börzsöny region Vác 11 518 EUR
The short term aim of the project was to create a regional Environmentally Sound Touristic Plan with the involvement of local communities, municipalities and self-employed farmers. Also the establishment of a professionally sound monitoring system for the detection of the physical effects of tourism was a target in cooperation with civil organisations and volunteers. Finally, the principles of sustainability were planned to be put into practice with the example of events in Nagybörzsöny.
NCTA environmental Common Point Association Living village on Sárrét Békéscsaba 12 318 EUR
The project's goals were: creation of the landscape architectural feasability study of the living village in Eperjes puszta; organising mutual work occasions to help social networking and landscaping on the spot, during which methods of landscape observation in the different seasons are presented together with professional lectures and practical trainings in these fields; together with other regional civil organisations the common planning for a sustainable development was initiated.
NCTA environmental Foundation for the Protection of Barn Owls VidÉkességeink - Conservation of our countryside values: development of a campaign for countryside protection in Hungary Orosztony 8933 EUR
The project aimed at the launching of a campaign for countryside protection based on a support system, called VidÉkességeink. Those elements of the traditional rural landscape and small-scale farming should be protected, which have played an important role in biodiversity conservation. This program aimed at the local, farming-related protection of the rich wildlife hidden into the cultural landscape of villages and supports the achievement of environmental consciousness via financial incentives.