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HEPF is a member of the Environmental Partnership

Our mission

The Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation aims at enhancing the development of an environmentally aware, participatory democratic society and institutional system by strengthening and supporting the civil environmental movements.

The foundation promotes the development of the environmental movement trough providing grants, training, fellowships and technical assistance where necessary.

Code Grantees name Project name Amount (HUF) Amount (USD) Type Topic County City
PP'Nettle' Nature and Environment Protection AssociationEnvironmental knowledge for everyone!540 000 HUF2 723 USDinformationgeneralVeszprém
The association was founded in 1997 by students of environmental engineering of the Veszprém University. They are working on solving local environmental problems, awareness raising and sustainable development of the city and the countryside. HEPF supported the reprint of their popular, easy-to-use consumer information publication.
PP'Nettle' Nature and Environment Protection AssociationEco-fair in Veszprém560 000 HUF2 824 USDactionenvironmentVeszprém
The association is organizing an Eco-fair in Veszprém twice a year. More and more visitors are coming to the fair, where local organic foods are sold. The organizers are trying to use natural materials for the decoration and installations. HEPF supported the event with the costs of the tents.
PP'Nettle' Nature and Environment Protection AssociationNational gathering of green organisations 2006 700 000 HUF3 530 USDinformationgeneralVeszprém
The 2006 annual National Gathering of the Nature and Environmental Protection Organizations will be organized by the association in Veszprém. HEPF supported the travel costs of those organizations which cannot afford attending otherwise.
PP'Saker' Nature Protection and Rural Tourism AssociationComputer250 000 HUF1 260 USDoperationenvironmentBecsehely
The association focuses on natural heritage protection and biodiversity conservation. They collect data about the countryside, and it is extremely important to keep these updated to provide accurate information if needed. HEPF supported the association with a laptop, by the help of which they will be able to maintain the collected data.
PP'Shore Guard' Social, Cultural and Art AssociationARTÉR artists against environmental pollution10 000 HUF50 USDactiongeneralBudapest
The association operates on a natural area near to the Danube River, polluted by illegal waste dumps. Thus people, who would use the area for sport or leisure can't utilize the advantages of the riverbank. HEPF supported a fine-art contest that would raise the attention of people to environmental problems. The artworks will be exhibited on the boat owned by the association.
PPAssociation of City ProtectorsEdition and distribution of the City Protector Magazin200 000 HUF1 009 USDinformationenvironmentGöd
HEPF supported the edition of an 8-12 pages long, freely distributed magazine introducing the natural and cultural heritage of the city.
PPBlue Fountain AssociationMM 11- (Second millenium after 11 years)250 000 HUF1 260 USDinformationwaterBudapest
The program strives to evaluate the achievements of the Second Millennium city study, by starting a debate about a study prepared 11 years ago discussing possible development paths for the capital. The outcomes were prepared together with the Hungarian Society for Urban Planning in the frame of a conference. HEPF supported the costs of the conference, and the publication that will be published about it.
PPBorsod-Abaúj County Public Benefit Association for Nature Protection and Regional DevelopmentReorganizing the model eco-farm of Gömörszőlős542 140 HUF2 734 USDoperationenvironmentMiskolc
The association has been established by the Ecological Institute for Sustainable Development Foundation to work out sustainability principles, tools and to create sustainable rural-development plans and programs. They started to build up a model program called "Gömörszőlős, a sustainable village in 1993. Within the framework of the program the association wanted to reorganize their eco-farm with the help of two new employees. HEPF supported the salary of the personnel.
PPBörzsöny-Region FoundationEnvironmental network building at the Szob region518 400 HUF2 614 USDactionenvironmentSzokolya
The program aims at developing a regional network of civic actors and inhabitants, to foster cooperation in environmental actions. The main goal of the initiative is to make local people feel responsible towards local environmental problems. HEPF helped by covering the salary of an employee who will work on community development.
PPBuds Foundation for Humans and EnvironmentHappy Countryside - for the development of the Kistarcsa eco-farm500 000 HUF2 521 USDoperationgeneralBudapest
The founders of the foundation originally aimed at promoting the wider use of selective waste collection, tree planting in the city and a more conscious environmental attitude. Since its establishment the foundation actively participates in environmental actions. HEPF supported the extension of their model sustainable eco-farm with permanent inhabitants that would inspire other people to undertake similar enterprises.
PPCommon Point AssociationFinding mutual interests200 000 HUF1 009 USDtraininggeneralBékéscsaba
The funding members of the association have been working together for several years, though the organization was registered only in 2005. Their aim is to promote and practice the traditions and values of natural lifestyle and to coordinate among the interdisciplinary fields of natural literacy. In order to improve their work, HEPF supported the association with an organizational development training.
PPEco-service FoundationOrganising the Consultative Forums of the Green movement130 000 HUF655 USDinformationgeneralBudapest
The organization undertakes the coordination role of Consultative Forum of the Environmental and Nature Conservation Organizations. In 2005-6 three forums are organized. HEPF supported the costs of the meetings.
PPEco-service FoundationOrganizational development200 000 HUF1 009 USDtraininggeneralBudapest
The foundation was founded in 1990 by nine environmental NGOs and three individuals. They are operating as public advisory office, and run an eco-shop, too. Through its 15 years history the foundation has been changed a lot, and its actual situation justified to undertake an organizational development process. HEPF partially supported the fee of the trainer.
PPE-mission AssociationGreen Information Point at Hegyalja Festival480 000 HUF2 420 USDactiongeneralNyíregyháza
The association participated in the organization of the Green Information Point at the Hegyalja Festival (a cultural festival in Eastern Hungary; in 2004 it had 41 thousand young participants) for the fifth time this year. Their green tent is getting more and more popular every year; according to their estimations, they had some 8-10 thousand visitors listening to the lectures or wandering about the exhibitions. HEPF supported costs of the organization and decoration, presentation and expert fees.
PPE-mission AssociationFundraising campaign and volunteer recruition to stop illegal waste deposition at Nyíregyháza500 000 HUF2 521 USDactionwasteNyíregyháza
E-mission is working for a sustainable natural and built environment that is based on local natural, social and economic resources. The campaign supported by HEPF is aiming at limiting and stopping illegal waste disposal. The organizers also investigate to find the original owner of the illegal waste.
PPEnergy ClubWith autographs and advertisements for a democratic energy policy500 000 HUF2 521 USDactionenergyBudapest
Energy Club is a more than decade-old organization aiming to minimize the environmental and social problems stemming from energy production and use. They advocate for the creation of a sustainable and nuclear-free energy sector that is decentralized (i.e. based on the coordination of many small units using local resources), diversified (resting on many pillars) and formed upon the Least Cost Principle. HEPF supported the costs of advertisements aiming to draw attention to the need of public debate about the plans to extend the operating lifetime of Paks nuclear power station. 80 recognized persons and celebrities signed the appeal that has been placed in daily and weekly newspapers.
PPEnvironmental Association For the Future of KartalOperational costs and the next sequence of the organizations' environmental newsletter210 000 HUF1 059 USDoperationgeneralKartal
The organization works at Kartal and neighbourhood (Central Hungary), in the field of environment, nature protection, and environmental education. Their target group is the local citizen, in a wider sense the local people along the Galga River. HEPF supported the association with a computer.
PPKároly Eötvös Public Benefit FoundationA word risen for the region197 360 HUF1 000 USDactionwaterKöveskál
The winner of the Cultural Heritage Award
PPEsztergom Environmental Culture AssociationEnvironmental Culture 2010, sustainability proposal1 000 000 HUF5 042 USDoperationgeneralEsztergom
The work of the association, founded in 1994, focuses on environmental problems and the development of responsible environmental attitudes. In the past, they concentrated on environmental education; in addition, they opened an environmental advisory office and an eco-technical demonstration garden where they introduce renewable energy sources. With the support of HEPF and the co-funding of the State Unemployment Center a qualified technician was hired to organize project-oriented programs and increase the income generated from business activities.
PPFoundation for Civic Radio BroadcastingBring the dead washing machine back! - Let's create liveable world!200 000 HUF1 008 USDoperationgeneralBudapest
The foundation runs the Civic Radio, a community station where special programs dealing with environmental and social issues are becoming more and more articulated. The editors of the radio are starting a new series about the collection of electronic waste. They invite and interview decision makers, representatives of electronics companies and civic organizations. HEPF supported the production costs of the program series.
PPFriends circle of Albertirsa Bird friendly gardens100 000 HUF504 USDactionenvironmentALBERTIRSA
The circle, founded in 1999, is a voluntary community organizing a variety of programs to involve people into the activities serving its goals. It aims at coordinating the citizens interested in the town's public life, its history, natural, cultural and artistic values. The group aimed at creating two "bird friendly educational paths in two locations of the municipality, in order to raise awareness to and present simple methods of practical bird protection. HEPF supported the costs of materials.
PPGaja Environmental AssociationAutumn - Winter programs of Gaia100 000 HUF504 USDactiongeneralSzékesfehérvár
Experts and educators with diverse interests but all sensitive toward environment founded the association in 1989. As an Eco-counselling Office, the organization provides information and advisory service for the public. HEPF supported the autumn and winter programs of Gaia.
PPGreen Club of CsepelAssessment and introduction of the natural values of Tamariska hill373 200 HUF1 882 USDinformationenvironmentSzigetszentmiklós
The Club is based in Csepel island (south of Budapest), and its members are environmental specialists and teachers. They are focusing on the environmental heritage of Csepel, and on environmental awareness raising. Tamariska hill is the most notable natural heritage of the island that is protected by the capital. HEPF supported a publication that will introduce the natural and cultural values of the hill to the public.
PPGreen Club of PécsParticipation in the eco-city program of Pécs - Eco-region Program Mecsek-Dráva450 000 HUF2 269 USDactiongeneralPécs
The organization is a member of the Hungarian Network of Eco-counselling Offices. The association wants to help local citizens in developing better consumption habits, thus reducing the negative effects of globalization. In 2004, the local government of Pécs has announced a program called Pécs Eco-city - Mecsek-Dráva Eco-region Concept. The Club joined the project to participate in the following ways: professional participation in the elaboration of the concept, information service to the public, meetings for partner organizations. HEPF supported the costs of the meeting, communication and leaflets.
PPGREEN Foundation for Martonvásár (ZÖLDALMA)Revitalising the Saint Laszlo Water - conference and forum300 000 HUF1 513 USDinformationwaterMartonvásár
The foundation aims at enhancing public participation in the field of environment, culture and hygiene. Besides these they strive to broaden the accessibility to public information. The conference on the revitalization of Saint Laszlo Water will introduce positive experiences of creek revitalization from Austria and the Hungarian observations. The goal of the conference is to set up a cooperative group that will work to create a revitalized model area from the Saint Laszlo creek, now a canalized water. The organizers also promote the initiative as wide as possible. HEPF supported the costs of the conference.
PPGreen Valley AssociationModel herb garden and virtual garden in Bükkösd350 000 HUF1 765 USDactionenvironmentBükkösd
The association is located between the Mecsek and Zselic regions in the southern part of Hungary. A debate about a proposed local investment brought significant changes to their life. Strabag Corporation was planning to build a cement factory in Bükkösd, for which they would have exploited a hill very close to the village. Through a referendum most of the local people rejected the project. The organization worked out a sustainable development strategy, which would help improve the village. Part of this is the creation of a model herb garden where people could learn about authentic herb species. A website would collect all the information about local herbs, about cultivation and processing. HEPF supported the trainings and publications connected to the project.
PPGreen-Bridge Regional Energy Efficiency and Environmental FoundationEnvironmental education not only for kids384 000 HUF1 936 USDtraininggeneralPécs
The organization aims at reducing environmental problems through promoting the wider use of renewable energy sources, and efficient energy use. Besides these they are organizing more and more environmental programs, events and awareness raising campaigns. The foundation has recently initiated a program aiming at fostering sustainability education in Hungary, especially among young adults. Therefore they started an exchange of experience and know-how with other civic organizations dealing with environmental education. The aim of the course was to better involve young adults in environmental education programs. HEPF supported the costs of the meetings connected to the program.
PPHungarian Association of NGOs for Development and Humanitarian Aid (HAND)The 12 crises of the world- and what you can do about it Handout for secondary school aged young people450 000 HUF2 269 USDinformationgeneralBudapest
The principal mission of the Association is to contribute to the formulation of an effective, transparent and sustainable development cooperation policy, based on years of professional experience of the member organisations. In this process the Association aims at becoming a co-operative partner of the Hungarian governmental bodies. HEPF supported the publication of a handout about the causes, consequences and possible solution strategies of the most serious problems of our world. The colourful publication will be freely distributed among the 14-22 years old age-group.
PPHungarian Biological ClubWebsite on environmental issues for young people150 000 HUF756 USDinformationgeneralBudapest
The club, is operating for 25 years, is aiming at educating primary and secondary school children about environmental and natural sciences beyond public education. Their website, supported by HEPF, will help children and young people to communicate and learn about environment issues and do practical steps in order to protect their environment.
PPHungarian Young Greens Association (ZÖFI)Earth Day Event 2006200 000 HUF1 008 USDinformationenvironmentBudapest
The association represents the full spectrum of the European green agenda: apart from the 'classical' issues of nature-conservation and the protection of the environment, issues concerning the protection of civil-rights, the protection of human dignity and anti-violence are all considered equally important. Their fundamental belief is that you cannot have a healthy environment without having a healthy society, that environmental and social questions can only be resolved in the long term through recognizing the organic, inherent inter-dependence of the two spheres. HEPF supported the Earth Day event that will be held in Trafó, a popular cultural meeting place of Budapest.
PPHungarian Young Greens Association (ZÖFI)Tu BiShvat - New Year of Trees100 000 HUF504 USDactionenvironmentBudapest
The New Year of Trees is part of a wider awareness raising process. It aims to show the context of religious and ecological ideas. Tu BiShvat means the 15th day of month Shvat in Hebrew. In ancient times the tenth of the crop has been collected and offered on this day to God, to the priests of God, and to the poorest. In the modern Israel Tu BiShvat became the Earth Day of Jewry. People plant trees, do environmental works, thus expressing their commitment to the protection of the Earth. The Hungarian Young Greens organized the event second time together with Marom, a Jewish organization. The organizers wanted to enhance the green aspect of the religious holiday. HEPF has supported the costs of coordination, decoration, leaflets and posters.
PPHungarian Young Greens Association (ZÖFI)Organizational sustainability1 000 000 HUF5 042 USDactiongeneralBudapest
The association was founded in 2001, and in the following year they already had 45 permanent members. They focus on legal offences in the field of environment in the broadest sense of the word. Their programs mobilize a lot of young people. They play an active role in the "Another World is Possible! movement, which aims at forming a grassroots, autonomous network of those who feel responsibility for their environment. With this donation, HEPF aimed at strengthening their organizational sustainability.
PPIndependent Ecological CentreDigital backup and publication of Green movement documents300 000 HUF1 512 USDinformationgeneralBudapest
The center's main activity is the research and promotion of sustainable development particularly on the micro-regional, local and community level. Following upon a similar initiative, the organization found further interesting 'historical' documents connecting to the green movement. HEPF supported the digitalization of these documents.
PPInterregional Network for Renewable EnergyGreen Valley Days160 000 HUF806 USDactionenvironmentPécs
In 2003 the network started with 15 members, while today they have more than 30. They focus on researching the principles of sustainable development in the context of energetics, and the alternatives of fossil energy sources. HEPF supported the organization of an event which aimed at introducing the cultural and natural heritage of the countryside to the people of the valley, to local and international visitors.
PPKELE Nature Conservation AssociationEnvironmental information office150 000 HUF756 USDinformationgeneralKalocsa
The inhabitants of a beautiful suburb in the city of Kalocsa developed an initiative to revitalize a non-cultivated land near their houses. Their newest initiative, which evolved from the earlier activities of the organization is to open an information office for the public on environmental issues. HEPF supported the opening of the office.
PPKőrös ClubCreating public places through reconstruction400 000 HUF2 017 USDactionenvironmentBékéscsaba
The club is based and operates in the South-East of Hungary, near to Békéscsaba. Until summer 2005, they have planted more then 10 000 trees and other native plants in the county. The association wanted to create a new section in their ecological center that will be used as a basis for community work. HEPF supported the reconstruction of the building.
PPLiving Water Nature Protection AssociationThe night around us 2005100 000 HUF504 USDactionenvironmentJászberény
The association, founded in 1997, focuses on nature protection and plays an active role in the local zoo. During the summer two complex educational programs were being organized for 600-750 people. The event took place in the local zoo at night, where visitors got to know nocturnal creatures (bats, insects, owls) and took part in different programs like astronomy, etc. The program helped raising environmental awareness. HEPF supported the organizational costs of the event, the fees and travel costs of the lecturers.
PPMATRIX Public Benefit FoundationOpen Gardens at Hódmezővásárhely180 000 HUF908 USDactionenvironmentSzeged
The foundation has been working for two years on programs aiming at the development of society (e.g. integration, socialization) and helping the enhancement of environmental consciousness. In their activities they emphasize public awareness raising and environmental education. Together with Bioculture Association they would like to develop a stable customer base for organic food, and HEPF supported this initiative.
PPNational Environmental Education NetworkAwareness raising for environmental educators with the help of the tematic issues of the Network newsletter400 000 HUF2 017 USDinformationgeneralMáriahalom
The network was established in 1994 with the participation of pedagogues committed to environmental education. Through the network, 1000 environmental educators and 500 schools can be reached today. With the support of HEPF, they will be able to publish the coming three issues of its newsletter.
PPNatural Living FoundationEmploying an educational expert270 000 HUF1 361 USDoperationenvironmentAgostyán
The foundation has been operating since 1993, as a grass-root organization, aiming to create opportunities for individuals and communities to develop a natural way of living. As the organization developed a lot especially in last years, they have to reorganize their programs and activities in order to provide reliable and regular services. HEPF supported part of the salary of the new colleague who will be responsible for this work.
PPNoah's Ark AssociationModel herbal garden55 000 HUF277 USDactionenvironmentPécs
The association's mission is to protect endangered or forgotten herbs and to revitalize the tradition of old closter gardens. The association organized several debates, discourses on forestry strategy and conservation issues. They took active role in the Zengő protection movement. HEPF supported the setting up of a model garden program to revive mixed culture farming.
PPOpen Thinkers AssociationPromoting selective waste collection340 000 HUF1 714 USDactionwasteBudapest
The association, founded in 2000, is promoting modern humanity ideas and trying to create a forum where people can meet and talk about issues of general interest as equal partners. The program supported by HEPF aimed at setting up a selective waste collection system in the 15th district. HEPF provided financial support for the brochure about the program and for the selective waste bins.
PPOrmánság FoundationSummer Eco-village Gathering241 000 HUF1 215 USDactionenvironmentDrávafok
Ormánság Foundation has been established to influence the development of the Ormánság region towards rural agriculture principles. Their priority is to participate in the design and development process of land use plans along the Dráva river. The annual event provides a forum and opportunity for the eco-villages to introduce themselves, to talk about their problems and opportunities, to enhance contacts and cooperation and to strengthen their movement. HEPF supported the costs of the gathering.
PPPalocsa AssociationLet's dress up the world! documentary book450 000 HUF2 269 USDinformationenvironmentBudakeszi
Palocsa has been established in 1996 in Zalkod village as a nature and heritage protection association. As their activities broadened, the association merged with the Biosphere Academy in 2000. The aim of the association is to help recovering the harmony between Nature and Human. HEPF supported the publication of a documentary book.
PPPangea Cultural and Environmental AssociationStanding on more feet855 000 HUF4 311 USDoperationenvironmentVác
The organization's primary goals are to enhance popular scientific education through camps, field studies, paths, exhibitions etc. With the support of HEPF the association aimed at exploiting new income sources from own revenues and donations thus covering their basic expenses on the long run.
PPPersonal Environmentalists Association (SZIKE)Proceed and legal expenses against M0120 000 HUF605 USDactiontraffic,airBudapest
The organization evolved from an anti-smoking club and developed into an environment and health protection association. HEPF supported the expenses of a suit against the environmental permission of one section of the M0 highway.
PPPlanet ClubFair Trade brochure for Schools500 000 HUF1 512 USDactiongeneralBudapest
The foundation aims to promote the culture of different countries and Hungary through social involvement by developing a network of volunteers who will contribute to the dissemination of an environmentally conscious approach. The brochure, which is the first of its kind in Hungary, is part of the program which aims at introducing the Fair Trade idea and its products to Hungary. Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect that seeks greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of marginalized producers and workers - especially in the South. Fair Trade organizations (backed by consumers) are engaged actively in supporting producers, awareness raising and in campaigning for changes in the rules of international trade. HEPF supported the typographic and translational costs of the publication.
PPPro Vértes Public FoundationInformation brochures380 000 HUF1 916 USDoperationgeneralBodmér
The organization operates a service centre at Csákvár that provides information about the natural and cultural heritage of the region and the country. HEPF supported the publication of several brochures and maps.
PPProtect the FutureEco-fest250 000 HUF1 260 USDactiongeneralBudapest
The organization aims at preserving the diversity of nature and culture, raising public awareness about our responsibility for the natural and built environment, and thereby establishing the conditions for a better quality of life for each inhabitant of Hungary. It is the public advocacy for these political principles and practical goals that they consider being their task: informing the public, convincing decision-makers, and representing the interests of future generations. With this event the association aimed at showing international experiences to the local public and especially to social movements. The event attracted lot of visitors, and successfully introduced the basic idea that environmental and social problems can't be understood and solved separately.
PPReflex Nature Protection AssociationCivic report about the implementation of the Aarhus Convention114 000 HUF575 USDactiongeneralGyőr
Reflex was founded in 1987; it is advocating for and advising about nature and environment protection issues. The third Meeting of the Parties to the Aarhus Convention was held in Kazakhstan in May, three years after the Convention came into effect. HEPF supported the translation and publication of the shadow Hungarian report, made by Hungarian civic organizations about the Convention's implementation in Hungary.
PPTappancs Állatvédő AlapítványOperational support10 000 HUF50 USDoperationenvironmentSzeged
Charity Evening
PPWaste Reduction Alliance (HuMuSz)Campaign against communal waste incinerators470 000 HUF2 370 USDactionwasteBudapest
In the middle of the 90's some environmentalist organizations in Hungary started to realize that something is wrong in our country as far as "garbage goes. Thus, they founded the alliance to explore the more and more apparent problems of waste management and, if possible, turn market processes, people's consumption habits and legislation in a different direction. The organization celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2005. HEPF supported their campaign against waste incinerators, as this method is inefficient and justifies the "throw away way of thinking.
PPWaste Reduction Alliance (HuMuSz)Institutional selective waste collection program at the Eötvös Loránd University300 000 HUF1 513 USDactionwasteBudapest
The alliance was founded at the beginning of the nineties; their main activity is to find solutions for waste management problems. Among other activities, they are trying to develop a model selective waste collection system at ELTE University together with the Faculty of Social Sciences. HEPF supported the costs of outdoor waste bins and other equipment for selective waste collection.
"Beklen" Foundation for the Civil Society of NagykunságCollecting waste deriving from sport-fishing550 000 HUF2 773 USDactionenvironmentTúrkeve
The general aim of the program is to conserve biodiversity of the Tisza lake and to reduce environmental stress. The short term objective was to decrease the amount of waste on the flood basin of the Tisza lake and to raise awareness towards environmental issues among the stakeholders.
'Creek' AssociationNature conservation patrol 200 000 HUF1 008 USDactionenvironmentSzeged
The project aimed at examining the possibilities of re-siting the wild cat (Felis silvestris), and developing a long term monitoring system to control the results of the project. Future re-sitings based on these results can contribute to the stabilization of the species' population in Hungary and in Europe.
'Hivestone' AssociationReleasing acacia from the special hivestones of Cserépváralja 300 000 HUF1 512 USDactionenvironmentEger
Hivestones of the Bükk mountains are not only important as geomorphological formations but they have cultural values too. Acacia has been planted here at the beginning of the 20th century and started devastating the cliffs heavily. With physical and chemical control the non native species can be eradicated and natural vegetation can resettle.
Association For The Values of Abaúj-ZemplénNature conservation management in the area of István-kúti Nyírjes, strictly protected area of the Zemplén Protected Landscape Territor)300 000 HUF1 512 USDactionenvironmentSátoraljaújhely
The organization works to preserve and promote the nature values of the Zemplén Region. By continuing the reconstruction of the protected birch area of the István-well the association aims to preserve biodiversity and to control the afforestation of the area.
Bird Protection Association of KiskunságProtecting Rollers (Coracias garullus) around Kolon lake at Izsák450 000 HUF2 269 USDactionenvironmentKecskemét
Kolon lake of Izsak in the heart of Upper-Kiskunsag has always been a particularly important habitat for rollers. In order to protect these birds it was very urgent to replace old cavities and to extend their number. The organization carried out this work with the help of local school-children and interested young people. The grant also covered the printing of a publication and a series of lectures about the Bird of 2005.
Blue Dahlia Conservation AssociationCreating cavity settlements for birds and bats600 000 HUF3 025 USDactionenvironmentKeszthely
The natural shelters of bats have vanished due to intense transformation of the habitats. Replacing the natural shelter with artificial cavities the bat population could remain and grow at the Small-Balaton area. In 1997 the association installed more than 200 cavities at this habitat that became soon very popular among the bats. As 25% of the cavities have been perished or damaged, they must be replaced.
Bükk Region Conservation Public FoundationConserving the natural values of traditionally treated orchards at Sajómercse500 000 HUF2 521 USDactionenvironmentSajómercse
In the frame of this program we supported the habitat maintenance of the traditional orchards at Sajómercse. The territory is not only a Natura 2000 area but also locally significant nature reserve.
Castanea Environmental AssociationPartnership for the City Forest of Sopron700 000 HUF3 530 USDactionenvironmentSopron
Within the framework of this project, Castanea aimed at revitalizing the important City Forest holiday resort in Sopron. The program was carried out with the involvement of volunteers, in partnership with the city and the Fertő-Hanság National Park. Missing tree and bush species were be replaced with native saplings in the forest, natural fences, watercourses planned and implemented. A brochure was published too, to promote the values of the forest.
Chernel István Ornithological and Conservation AssociationPractical conservation issues760 000 HUF3 832 USDactionenvironmentSzombathely
The project aims to carry out conservation tasks for the habitat of amphibians, newt and frog species in at the Harsas lake Szentgotthárd. By building a deflector at the reproduction site for the amphibians the place will provide ideal circumstances for an additional 5-6 years.
Conservation Association of Tokaj (TOTEM)Habitat conservation and rehabilitation works at Tokaji Nagy-Kopasz250 000 HUF1 260 USDactionenvironmentTokaj
Status of several habitats at the Nagy-Kopasz hill was surveyed, preparation for treatment works and habitat rehabilitation carried out. The aim was to map the population of protected and strictly protected species and to maintain their status. Mowing and bush felling was done in order to save the special species of aster, grass species, and orchids.
CSEMETEWatervein rehabilitation based on water retention at the Tápéi meadow760 000 HUF3 832 USDactionenvironmentSzeged
As agricultural areas and plow-lands occupied floodplains in the corner of the Tisza-Maros, inland inundations are entirely diverted today. Hence the natural waterveins preserving one-time rich wildlife are drained regularly. Little rationalization can change this process, yet more water could be preserved. With small interventions even more can be achieved. Thus this program includes the realization of water retention, waste disposal, tree planting, and a basic survey about the wildlife. All these activities are carried out in partnership with local authorities and NGOs.
Ecological Institute for Sustainable DevelopmentConserving native fruit species at Gömör600 000 HUF3 025 USDactionenvironmentMiskolc
Extensive orchards of Gömörszőlős are significant semi-natural habitats for centuries. Most of them are not cultivated any more, thus, aggressive species are taking up more and more place. Reasons for this are that local young people don't see how they could make a living by the extensive orchards. The organization aims to conserve biodiversity and preserve the native fruit species.
E-mission Environmental AssociationForming breeding ground for windhovers at the plain of Szatmár-Bereg and Nyírség760 000 HUF3 832 USDactionenvironmentNyíregyháza
As rookeries have disappeared from the Szatmár-Bereg Plain the colonies of red-footed falcon started to decrease strongly. The organization installed 200 artificial breeding sites to stop this process and help the red-footed falcon and windhover stock to grow in the northern part of Hungary.
Friends Club of ÜrömProtection and rehabilitation of the Üröm small mountain200 000 HUF1 008 USDactionenvironmentÜröm
Kishegy of Üröm is the most remarkable and precious protected area of the municipality. In the 90s a harmful process started when waste mixed was soil was spread out illegally. People started to use the area as illegal dumpsite. Club of Üröm wants to stop this process and rehabilitate the protected area, by removing the waste and rehabilitating the soil. In order to prevent further damages, the local school is also involved in the program.
Friends of Pismány AssociationConservation management in the Sztelin valley150 000 HUF756 USDactionenvironmentSzentendre
The program aimed at clearing up the valley of Sztelin-creek from two non-native tree species, the green maple and the acacia, before they become dominant in the tree vegetation. Along with the practical treatment, the organization aimed raising the awareness of public to conservation issues. The works were carried out by local environmental and conservation experts, members of the association and the local government.
Hajdúböszörmény Youth Nature Protection ClubReconstructing a local nature reserve, a hornbeam and oak wood650 000 HUF3 277 USDactionenvironmentHajdúböszörmény
The hornbeam and oak wood area in Hajdúböszörmény is qualified as a nature reserve since 1981. The program aims to reconstruct a 12,4 acre large wood. Adventive species were felled, nesting places for song-birds formed. The organization will also monitor the area. Thanks to this program the forest will be available for surveys about conservation and forestry. A special brochure will inform the public about the results of the program.
Hatvan Environmental Protection AssociationRehabilitation program of the Old Oak Wood at Gombos300 000 HUF1 512 USDactionenvironmentHatvan
In the rural environs of Hatvan the Oakwood pasture provides habitat for several protected plant species, small mammals and song-birds, the oak trees are more than 200 years old. Besides several practical conservation tasks, the association has launched a process to make the wood registered as a locally significant nature reserve.
Hungarian Biological ClubPractical protection and repeatable survey of nature conserved habitats520 000 HUF2 622 USDactionenvironmentBudapest
The organization aimed at organizing a habitat conservation camp for high school students in the Zemplén hills. Besides they received support for a survey about the marshmeadows and forest associations of Szőce in the territory of the Őrség National Park.
Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Protection Association (MME)Protecting Alpine newt and bird species living in cavities760 000 HUF3 832 USDactionenvironmentBudapest
Local branch of MME in the Bükk has been actively dealing with the protection of this endangered species for two years. In cooperation with the Directorate of the Bükk National Park, they carry out monitoring, endangered habitat rehabilitation, resettlement and several other practical tasks in order to protect these endangered species.
Jászkun Conservation OrganizationReconstructing the habitat of Bee-eaters at Albertirsa650 000 HUF3 277 USDactionenvironmentSzolnok
The biggest habitat of bee-eaters in Hungary can be found now in the former clay-mine of Albertirsa. Unfortunately this place is also used as an illegal waste dump. The organization plans to rehabilitate the place and raise awareness towards biodiversity and conservation issues. Thus, they are involving local schools in the field works.
Karancs-Medves Conservation FoundationWaste exemption at the nature reserve of Sóshartyán Hencse mountain120 000 HUF605 USDactionenvironmentSalgótarján
The Sóshartyáni Hencse mountain has an extremely great population of butterflies, an incomparably remarkable fauna and flora. Participants of the program cleared waste and try to prohibit further pollution of the area with the involvement of local citizens and school children.
Natura FoundationReconstruction of Bomboly-mine habitat500 000 HUF2 521 USDactionenvironmentNyíregyháza
With the help of HEPF an important subterranean habitat of bats can be reconstructed. After several explorations for gold the place became too drafty. Thanks to the reconstruction the winter temperature in the tunnels will rise, and the number of bats will grow too.
Nature Research Association of Gödöllő, University of Saint István -Landscape-ecology DepartmentIntroducing the natural values of the Galgahévíz marshland760 000 HUF3 832 USDactionenvironmentGödöllő
The program aimed at raising the attention of the residents around Galgahévíz to the importance of preserving and cleaning the marshland. Participants of the program prepared a detailed soil and botanic map about the marshland, measured and repelled weed junctions and eliminated illegal waste landfills.
NIMFEA Nature Protection AssociationSustaining wetlands through habitat rehabilitation at the Nagy-Sárrét region760 000 HUF3 832 USDactionenvironmentTúrkeve
By revitalizing the Nagy-Sárrét swamps, habitat for the earlier rich fish, amphibian, reptile and bird fauna can be recovered. Expected outcomes of the program were sustained and improved wetlands of Füzesgyarmat and Fegyverfenék, and also that the fragmentation of wetlands at Kőrösladány and Kis Ér will slow, and new wetlands evolve.
PangeaWith volunteers for nature670 000 HUF3 378 USDactionenvironmentVác
The program aimed at conserving and restoring natural and geological values of the High Bakony mountains and Balaton highlands. Pangea works with volunteers on eliminating illegal waste dumps at Pénzesgyőr, repelling weeds and creating habitats (highland meadows, grasslands, wetlands).
Saint István FoundationHabitat rehabilitation along the brick-yard path300 000 HUF1 512 USDactionenvironmentHódmezővásárhely
In order to preserve environmental heritage along a nature trail the program aimed at improving breeding conditions of birds and developing sunbathing areas for reptiles.
South-Nyírség-Bihar Landscape Protection AssociationArtificial propagation and relocation of protected plants in the Nyírség and its phytogeographical environment630 000 HUF3 177 USDactionenvironmentBocskaikert
The association continuously monitors the status of protected and endangered plants in their area. Several species become distressed for different reasons at the marsh and sand areas of the Bihar and Nyírség. The Association aimed at propagating and returning the endangered species into their original ecological populations and associations.
Zemplén Conservation FoundationTreatment and reconstruction of the flowering site of pasque-flower (Pulsatilla pratensis subsp. Zimmermanni ) native at Sátor-mountain at Abaújszántó300 000 HUF1 512 USDactionenvironmentAbaújszántó
The flowering site of this plants turned too scrubby, thus the plant stock became endangered. The organization rehabilitated the site with the help of volunteers.
GWBányai Panoráma AssociationGreenway in the Zselic region900 000 HUF4 538 USDinformationenvironmentKaposvár
HEPF supported the Zselic Greenway development based on earlier activities of the same organization with the purchase of bicycles for rent in Bánya village.
GWCastanea AssociationAttracted by three landscapes929 000 HUF4 684 USDinformationtraffic,airSopron
The main objectives of this project were to preserve the unique natural and cultural values of Sopron area and to connect them with an environmental friendly transport path which helps promote the 'coleur locale'. Activities undertaken: meetings with local partners and preparation of a feasibility study about an Austrian-Hungarian greenway along the common border.
GWIpel UnionMicro granting program for local events, developments900 000 HUF4 538 USDactionenvironmentBalassagyarmat
a. Common web-page for 9 municipalities working together in tourism development using the methods of the Greenway programme was established. b. Drégelypalánk - traditional historical event, where local and regional NGOs working in the Greenway programme were introduced and disseminated leaflets and booklets connected to Greenway initiatives. c. 3 bicycles for rent were purchased in Drégelypalánk. d. A new study path on the Ipolyszög- Alder bog was constructed. e. A common children's day was organized in Alsópetény for school children from 18 small villages in the West-Cserhát area. The program of the event was based on healthy lifestyle and sport. f. A small study tour was organized for the members of a new local NGO to visit an existing and well organised Greenway initiative in the Zselic area.
GWMagosfa FoundationGreenway - Bicycle path along the Ipel920 950 HUF4 644 USDactionenvironmentVác
HEPF supported the development of the Ipoly-valley Greenway - sign posting along the greenway and the establishment of a database of the local products in the lower Ipoly-valley area.
GWHungarian Young Greens Association (ZÖFI)Mobility week event300 000 HUF1 512 USDactiontraffic,airBudapest
In Budapest,Hungarian Young Greens engaged the visitors of the ARC open-air poster exhibition with a bicycle hurdle-path, 'bike sculpturing' and showed the film 'Still We Ride'. Budapesten a Zöld Fiatalok az ARC plakátkiállításon biciklis akadálypályával, bringaszobrászattal, és "Still We Ride" filmbemutatóval várták az érdeklődőket.
AAEnergy ClubNuclear risk and public control 1 560 345 HUF7 867 USDactionenergyBudapest
Joint project 2005 implemented together with Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia about the radioactive waste management policy and the transparency of the related decision-making processes of the region and the EU.
AAEnergy ClubVolunteer training with Young Greens1 000 000 HUF5 042 USDtrainingenergyBudapest
The association organized a series of antinuclear volunteer trainings in co-operation with the Hungarian Young Greens. Volunteers participated and helped at the green info points of summer festivals and other events.
AAEnergy ClubTogether against the PLEX (lifetime extension) of the Paks NPP! - continuous campaign 2005-6.2 820 000 HUF14 220 USDactionenergyBudapest
AAHungarian Network of Eco-Counselling-1 000 000 HUF5 042 USDtrainingenergyVeszprém
HEPF supported the development of the organization's professional capacities in order to be better able inform civil society groups and the general public about energy and nuclear issues.
TrustEnvironmental Management and Law AssociationTesting and surveying the differences in administrative court practices of NGO registration in Hungary 1 450 000 HUF7 311 USDactiongeneralBudapest