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HEPF is a member of the Environmental Partnership

Our mission

The Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation aims at enhancing the development of an environmentally aware, participatory democratic society and institutional system by strengthening and supporting the civil environmental movements.

The foundation promotes the development of the environmental movement trough providing grants, training, fellowships and technical assistance where necessary.

Technical assistance

Our technical assistance programme aims at serving environmental NGOs, grassroots communities, experts, official agencies, media and the public in general, both in Hungary and abroad.

This is the most down-to-earth aspect of our everyday work, as it includes activities like transferring information, organising meetings, linking experts and officials with civil groups, assistance in proposal writing etc.

We aim at making our programmes complimentary to each other, in order to create a synergy of the effects of grants, trainings and other programs. We believe this combination is the best way to fulfil the mission of our Foundation.