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HEPF is a member of the Environmental Partnership

Our mission

The Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation aims at enhancing the development of an environmentally aware, participatory democratic society and institutional system by strengthening and supporting the civil environmental movements.

The foundation promotes the development of the environmental movement trough providing grants, training, fellowships and technical assistance where necessary.

Examples of supported projects

Success stories

Börzsöny Region Foundation

“Between September 2005 and may 2006 our foundation initiated the establishment of a co-operative network on environment, involving the 13 villages of the Szob micro-region, using the tools of community development.” more…

Green Circle of Pécs

“In January 2004, the municipality of Pécs (4th biggest city of Hungary) announced a completely novel and probably even on the country level unique concept called “Pécs Eco-city, Mecsek-Dráva Eco-region”.” more…

Sze Lá Ví

“The revitalisation of the Saint László creek, regulated in the past to become a canal (like so many other living water bodies) was initiated by two experts, an environmental engineer and a zoologist in spring 2005, after the latter had participated in several similar projects abroad.” more…

Hungarian Young Greens

“In modern Israel, the ancient tradition of Tu BiShvat became the Earth Day of Jewry.” more…

Green Bridge Foundation

The Green Bridge Foundation of Pécs has initiated a program aiming at fostering sustainability education in Hungary, especially among young adults, who received comparatively less attention from educators up to now. more…

További támogatások

Mobility Week

On the occasion of the Mobility Week 2005, HEPF contributed to programs promoting non-motorized traffic of two NGOs: in Sopron we supported the event of Castanea Association and in Budapest that of the Hungarian Young Greens. more…

Training for volunteers with Hungarian Young Greens

Energy Club organized a series of antinuclear volunteer trainings in co-operation with the Hungarian Young Greens. The volunteers thus prepared participated and helped at the green info points of summer festivals and other events. more…