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HEPF is a member of the Environmental Partnership

Our mission

The Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation aims at enhancing the development of an environmentally aware, participatory democratic society and institutional system by strengthening and supporting the civil environmental movements.

The foundation promotes the development of the environmental movement trough providing grants, training, fellowships and technical assistance where necessary.

Alternatives to nuclear energy

Training for volunteers with Hungarian Young Greens

The program supports monitoring of management and impacts of nuclear energy in Hungary. It endeavours to contribute to the progressive transition from nuclear power plants supported by the state and usage of fossil fuels to a lower import of energetic raw materials, decentralization and wider usage of renewable energy sources. One example from the supported projects:

Energy Club organized a series of antinuclear volunteer trainings in co-operation with the Hungarian Young Greens.

The volunteers thus prepared participated and helped at the green info points of summer festivals and other events.